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SleepBuddy Pillow Set (Not Adjustable)

SleepBuddy Pillow Set (Not Adjustable)

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Experience the gentle support of memory foam in a design that offers flexible support. Gel memory foam micro-cushions give you the shapeable comfort of a traditional pillow plus the all-night support of memory foam. It’s huggable comfort that gently aligns your head and neck, so you sleep deeply and wake up feeling refreshed. Comes in a pack of two pillows.

This Premium Shredded Gel Memory Foam Pillow 2-Pack is made from CertiPUR-US® foam, certified environmentally conscious and tested for durability. 

  • 26" x 20"
  • Includes two pillows for sleeping, with a soft, knitted premium cover to compliment any mattress or topper
  • The perfect balance between fluffy and firmness to provide the most comfortable sleeping experience
  • Premium cooling pillow made with memory foam for durability and support COMFORT: Restful sleep for side, back, and stomach sleepers
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  • I actually didn't believe it...

    I actually didn't believe in the perfect pillow…. Still bought a SleepBuddy as a tryout. it was a matter of searching for the right amount of filling I needed, but the pillow is wonderful.

  • SleepBuddy is amazing!!!

    Never had problems sleeping. However, we all know the struggle of finding the right position. Specially with the pillow. Since I have the SleepBuddy I sleep better than ever before!

  • What a relief.

    Waking up without neck pain, what a relief! Love the pillow, got one for myself in first. Now my husband and three kids have one aswell.


What are the benefits of an ergonomic pillow?

An ergonomic pillow, like our SleepBuddy, supports proper spinal alignment which helps reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain. It adapts to the contours of your head and neck, providing targeted support that promotes better sleep posture and can improve your overall sleep quality.

How do I customize my SleepBuddy pillow to fit my sleep posture?

Your SleepBuddy pillow comes with adjustable memory foam pieces that allow you to customize the pillow’s height and firmness. Simply unzip the pillow cover and add or remove foam pieces to achieve your desired level of support, aligning with your neck and head for optimal comfort tailored to your sleeping position.

Can the SleepBuddy pillow cover be washed?

Yes, the SleepBuddy pillow cover is designed to be easily removable and machine washable. We recommend washing it on a gentle cycle with cold water and air drying it to maintain the fabric’s integrity and softness.

Is the SleepBuddy pillow suitable for all types of sleepers?

Absolutely! Our pillow is designed to cater to all sleeping positions—whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper. The customizable memory foam pieces allow you to adjust the pillow according to your unique needs, providing personalized comfort and support.